MAY 27, 2020

11 am ET Online


11:00-11:05 AM

Event Welcome and Introduction

11:05-11:20 AM

‘The Evolution of Open Source Observability’

Tomer Levy, CEO and Co-founder,

11:20-11:35 AM

A Q&A with Vanessa DeGennaro, Vice President of Engineering, CarGurus

11:35-11:50 AM

“Prometheus: The Current State and the Road Ahead”

Julius Volz, Co-founder, Prometheus

11:50-12:10 PM

A Q&A with Daniel Seravalli, Lead Engineer, Holler

12:10-12:25 PM

“What Users Can Gain from Observability?”

Jose Carlos Chávez, Zipkin Team Member, Senior Software Engineer, Expedia

12:25-12:35 PM

Event Break

12:35-12:50 PM

“Providing Insights for Multiple teams: Monitoring Cloud Workloads”

Sebastian Dippl, Enterprise Architect, Siemens AG

12:50-1:05 PM

A Q&A with Andre Boutet, Senior Director, Cloud Operations & Services, OneSpan

1:05-1:45 PM

Panel: Community Perspective on Open Source Tracing

Moderator: Jonah Kowall, CTO,

Panelist: Wu Sheng, Founder, Apache SkyWalking & Founding Engineer, Tetrate

Panelist: Yuri Shkuro, Jaeger Lead & Senior Staff Software Engineer, Uber

Panelist: Jose Carlos Chávez, Zipkin Team Member & Senior Software Engineer, Expedia

1:45-2:00 PM

Event Wrap Up and Key Takeaways

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