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Open observability

Advancing Open Source Observability for the DevOps Community





OpenObservability is designed to elevate the conversation around the power of open source technologies to advance observability initiatives for DevOps professionals around the world. The conference will feature thought leaders, and key contributors to Jaeger, Zipkin, Prometheus, and other open source ecosystem projects, sharing best practices, use-cases and a vision for observability.


October 29, 2020

Observability for Developers and Pre-Production


Past Episodes


September 24, 2020

Distributed Tracing at Uber-Scale

August 27, 2020

Long-Term Metrics with M3 and Prometheus with Matt Schallert

July 30, 2020

A Chat with Paul Bruce About the OpenTelemetry Community

June 25, 2020

Five Tips on Application Monitoring with Prometheus

We’re working on some cool content 
for you, stay tuned!

We’re working on some cool content 
for you, stay tuned!


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If you are an SRE, DevOps engineer, developer, or software architect who is passionate about scaling and operating production environments and would like to meet observability experts from around the world, the OpenObservability Conference is the event for you. The conference offers an opportunity to meet the people behind some of the leading observability open source technologies and the innovative organizations who deploy and contribute to these projects to keep their cloud infrastructure and applications (and their businesses) operating at a high scale.


Open Observability Conference 2020